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Space Bridge

In the old days, people who wanted to travel from Earth to the colonies on Mars, would have to fly normal space ships to get to the red planet. But people complained, they didn't want to fly, they wanted to drive! That's why the Space Bridge was built. When the Space Bridge was finished, people could drive to Mars using specially designed "space cars", instead of using regular space ships! And people were happy.

Until the day the maintenance budget was cut down. The Space Bridge had always been hit by rocks and meteors once in a while, but without any maintenance, it soon became a dangerous place to drive. And when the aliens came and invaded it, the Space Bridge was soon closed and no-one was ever to use it again.

Until the day the Space Bridge Rally started! The best drivers from all over the world, now compete in these glories space rallies, where they try to kill aliens and collect valuable gems on "the bridge". And you would never believe how big the prices for the winner was! Can you beat the masters in the Space Bridge Rally?

Space Bridge is an arcade game for Android phones where you drive your space ship on this bridge. Whenever you kill aliens or collect gems you will score points, and the goal of the game is just to get as many points as possible. The game is essentially a puzzle game, but it also requires fast thinking. The faster you move, the easier the game will be!

Space Bridge is (C) 2013 Christian Berge and Inga Fønn Sigurbjørnsdottir