Lesson 2 - Hallo!
Mystery of Fantoft - Learn Norwegian using Nynorsk
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1. Hei!

2. Hallo!
Lessons Text summary

3. På flyplassen

4. På Bybanen

5. Ny student

6. I Fantofthallen

7. Ein trist dag

8. Hybelen er ledig

9. Samtale med ein venn

10. På veg til Ikea

11. Ungar som leiker

12. Gåvekjøp

13. Invitasjon til fest

14. På fest

15. Per Spelmann

16. Oppdaginga

17. Mange spørsmål

18. På Bryggen

19. Familien min


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Lesson 2 - Hallo!




Another common greeting. Mostly used in informal situations, or when answering a phone call.

The vowel «a» is pronounced as the «a» in English «large». In this case however, the «a» is short. A vowel before a double consonant (in this case «ll») is always short.

Eg heiter Maria.

I am named Maria.

My name is Maria.

Eg er frå Fillipinane.

I am from The Phillipines

I am from the Philippines.

Norwegian has three special vowels which you don't find in the English alphabet. «Å» is an «a» with a small ring on top, and is pronounced as the «augh» in «caught». Originally this was a long «a» sound, and in older texts you will see it written as a double «a». Use «aa» if you need to write it, but don't have a key for it on your keyboard.

Eg skal ta fly til Noreg.

I shall take aeroplane to Norway.

I will take a plane to Norway.

The Norwegian word «skal» is the same word as the English word «shall», but it is used a lot more in Norwegian than in English. When translated into modern English, it is usually translated into «will» or «going to»,

A Norwegian «y» is pronounced close to the «y» in «softly».

Eg skal studere i Bergen.

I shall study in Bergen.

I am going to study in Bergen.