GPS Test Database

The GPS Test Database

This site presents the results of tests done on the GPSes of Android devices. We have tested the time the device needs to find a GPS lock, and the accuracy of the location. If you would like to test your device and contribute to the test, you can download our app here. Each test result are given a mark ranging from A++ (best) to F (worst). Learn how we calculate this mark.

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 DeviceSpeedAccuracyNum. devicesNum. tests
41.ADVAN S4FA++D-11
42.ADVAN S50AA++E11
43.ADVAN S50DF510
44.ADVAN S50FB+B3279
45.ADVAN S50GA++E11
46.ADVAN S50HA++C-11
48.ADVAN S5HAB-111
49.ADVAN S5iA++A-11
51.Advan S5LD+C26
54.ADVAN VandroidA++B23
55.Advan_Xender M6AA-11
56.Aio_otfp Lenovo A7000 plusA++A++11
57.AlcatelOneTouch 5049ZB-C12
58.AllView X3 Soul StyleC-B-11
59.Alps A 8B11
60.Alps A26CA++A++116

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