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The GPS Test Database

This site presents the results of tests done on the GPSes of Android devices. We have tested the time the device needs to find a GPS lock, and the accuracy of the location. If you would like to test your device and contribute to the test, you can download our app here. Each test result are given a mark ranging from A++ (best) to F (worst). Learn how we calculate this mark.

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 DeviceSpeedAccuracyNum. devicesNum. tests
21.ADVAN 5061B+11
22.ADVAN 7040F11
23.Advan ADVAN S5MD+B+22
24.ADVAN E1C 3GC+B-626
25.ADVAN E1C_3GAB+326
26.ADVAN G1B+A-1322
27.ADVAN i45B+B+1143
28.ADVAN i4AF416
29.ADVAN i4DDE311
30.ADVAN i5BC759
31.ADVAN i55AB+11
32.ADVAN i55CA+C14
33.ADVAN i55DA+A12
34.ADVAN i5AAA-36
35.ADVAN i5CB+B+81396
36.ADVAN i5EC+B+24181
37.ADVAN i5KAB+345
38.ADVAN i7AC+B-36
39.ADVAN I7DA+A-14
40.ADVAN M4AB+11

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